Hops & Chili Coppa


This recipe was a lot of fun for me as I like experimenting and trying to come up with new ‘cures’ for my next charcuterie projects. For the dry-beer mix, I made hops infused salt from foraged hops (see previous post), and used dried light malt extract. You can also use dark malt extract if you choose to (this can be bought from any homebrew shop, most health food shops and online). If you cannot get dried malt extract,  light brown sugar will work just fine as a replacement.

I was able to forage 3 types of hops locally; Super Pride (it has bittering properties), Cascade  (a citrus like aroma) and Galaxy  (it provides bitterness and a fruity aroma). You can use what ever type(s) you have available.


1.5kg Pork scotch (makes approx. 1kg of final product)
71g Infused hop salt
4g Insta cure #2
55g Dried malt extract
24 Hop cones (8 Cascade, 8 Galaxy & 8 Super Pride)
12g Chili flakes
3  Bay leaves, crumbled
3 Sprigs fresh rosemary

Chili flakes (after the cure)
Hops (after the cure)


Combine all ingredients together making the ultimate dry beer mixture!


Follow the method for curing Coppa (refer to Coppa (Traditional) post), adding the dried malt extract, hops & rosemary in with the curing salts.


After the curing process is complete, rinse off the cure mixture quickly under cold running water, pat dry the meat with paper towel and leave on a wire rack on the kitchen bench for about 2-3 hours. For additional flavour, rub in additional hops and chilli flakes (it’s just personal preference as to how much to use here). Weigh and record the weight of the meat, then wrap it in cheesecloth or muslin and hang in a cool ventilated place (or in a curing chamber if you have one) until it loses at least 30% of its ‘cure’ weight. The required weight loss will take between 4-6 weeks depending on the temperature and humidity.


The end result was awesome! The meat is a deep red colour, the fat is clean and white. It is very aromatic from the fragrance of the hops, with a hint of ‘after bitterness’ and has a nice kick from the chili flakes. There is so much flavour in this coppa –  it really tastes as good as it looks.

Serve thinly sliced; enjoy as it is on its own or with a nice ale.

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