Dried ‘Candied’ Fig Chips


As you will have seen in my last post, I got a huge haul of figs this year! With all of the foraged figs, I thought I might try making dried ‘chips’. I must say they turned out great! They are extremely simple to make; deliciously chewy, sticky and they taste like candy! Be warned, they are very addictive; I cant stop at one. Sufficed to say, these did not last long at my house!


Fresh ripe figs

Using a sharp knife, thinly slice the figs. If you decide to make these in your oven, line baking trays with baking paper and preheat oven to the lowest temperature setting, place in the oven and prop the oven door slightly open. Turning every half an hour or so until they firm up and dry out. Alternatively you can dry them out in a dehydrator. I found that I had better luck in the dehydrator.


Place the thinly cut figs in the dehydrator trays, and turn on the lowest setting. Turning over and rotating the trays every half an hour until there ready.


Don’t go to long without turning them over, as they become quite syrupy and tend to stick to the trays which can cause them to tear.
Once they’re ready, let them cool to room temperature and place in airtight containers. Trust me they wont last long as they’re soo good!

SAM_4969 a.jpg

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