About Me

I like food. I especially like preserving, pickling, curing, foraging, drying, fermenting, and bottling food. I started with an Instagram page and a few people seemed to like what I was doing, so I thought I might share a bit more detail on here.

In Tasmanian (the little island at the bottom of Australia for those who don’t know) we are spoilt for choice. We have access to the freshest fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood. Tasmania has a very seasonal climate, and often has produce in abundance for part of the year – so preserving food just makes sense.

I usually do a bit of searching and combine bits and pieces of various recipes when making things. I’ll share things I’ve done on here with what I found has worked and what didn’t work so well.

I don’t have any formal qualifications in food preparation and do not do this professionally, so these are just ideas and projects that I have completed at home – so please use your own judgement and keep food safety at the front of your mind when attempting anything ๐Ÿ™‚