Smoking Salt


A while back I was visiting a local Hazelnut farm and at the end of the carpark I noticed large piles of hazelnut shells. I don’t have a smoker or have actually smoked anything before, but thought the shells potentially could be a used as a good flavour for smoking. So I asked he owners nicely and they let me take some shells home.

Since I currently don’t have a smoker… yet, I wanted to try and smoke some salt on my kettle BBQ and use it in a charcuterie project – hoping that the salt would carry through and enhance the meat. Basically by smoking the salt, I wanted to give the finished product a smoky flavour without physically smoking the product.

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Cajun Spice Mix


Many pre packaged spice mixes have very exotic sounding names, but they are just various combinations of herbs and spices that are available for, supermarkets or speciality stores. This is a recipe for a mild Cajun spice mix. It’s easily customisable, so if you like your mixes on the hot side just increase the amount of chili flakes. This mix is really versatile and can be added to just about anything.

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Sriracha – Salt, Seasoning & Dry Rub

I like experimenting with different cures, spices and seasonings. I had a new charcuterie project in mind and decided I wanted it to be all sriracha based.

First I made sriracha salt; I recently made wine salt which worked really well (you can get the recipe in one of my previous posts) and then used the salt to make wine salt bresaola. Since the wine salt worked so well I thought I might try to infuse salt with sriracha. I then made the sriracha dry rub and seasoning mix as I was not able to source them, or a suitable alternative, locally.

Sriracha Salt


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 Kumquat Lonza


Lonza is air-dried cured pork loin; the loin is boneless and can be cured whole with the skin on or removed. It is a very simple curing project and by following a few simple steps it can be ready within 4-6 weeks. Lonza is similar to prosciutto in taste and texture, but unlike prosciutto it doesn’t take a year to prepare. The smaller cut of meat and quicker preparation time means Lonza is essentially a ‘poor mans prosciutto’.
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Truffled Coppa


I really like supporting local businesses and buying from harvest markets; talking with stallholders and knowing where the produce comes from. I purchased this amazing high quality pork scotch from a family business who breed heritage free range Wessex Saddleback pigs. Langdale Farm. I was able to arrange with the owner the cut of meat I wanted and was able to pick it up at the Launceston Harvest Market.
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